Putting The Strategy Together


“Put The Strategy Together”

When putting your strategy together use Gard Strategies Social Media Management and Coaching.

A good manager exudes passion and strategy for the brand and is a role model for the type of people that company wants to attract.

Playing the intermediary role with a company and community.  Whether it be planned or crisis communication a good manager tracks what’s said inside the community.  And resolves issues and enforces rules if necessary.   A clear Social Media Policy developed by the Manager and the Company is at the core of this responsibility.

A good manager creates or modifies content based on what the company provides.  Whether it be video, pictures, forums, updates or blogging.  Creating a fresh supply of interesting posts from the company and about the community.

Therefore A good manager is able to synthesize community feedback information and social analytics.  And make actionable insights (Suggested Next Steps) that the company can consider.